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All blogs in the Library Blogs Center are organized by blog type, including Independent, Publication, Government, Association, and Institution. Below are descriptions of each type.

Independent Library Blogs

Blogs written by librarians and other information professionals sharing ideas and opinions not endorsed by their employers or library institutions. The majority of library blogs falls into this category.

Publication Library Blogs

Blogs written by staff members of library and other publications or by outside contributors to those publications. Often collaborative in nature, these blogs are designed with the interests of the hosting publication in mind and conform to its standards. Outside contributors are usually paid for participation.

Government Library Blogs

Blogs written by librarians employed in various government institutions, such as, e.g., The Library of Congress or National Archives. This group includes blogs by state libraries, which often use the blog format to communicate with librarians and library patrons in their state.

Association Library Blogs

Blogs written and maintained by members of various library associations or their subdivisions, including, among others, ALA, LITA, and the Center for Research Libraries. These blogs are directed at organization members (or potential members), informing them of current and future events. "State" association blogs include associations within each state; "regional" blogs include associations within various U.S. regions (e.g., Middle East Librarians Association). "International" blogs cover associations beyond U.S. borders, including, e.g., IFLA News.


Institution blogs are different from other blog types in the Center. Although written and maintained by librarians in various institutions, their communities and interests tend to be more local. Our Search tool allows you to limit your search of institution blogs by state.

Institution/Academic Library Blogs

Blogs written by librarians in academic institutions as a way of promoting research content to students and faculty and notify them of upcoming events (or lectures) at the library. In addition to their main "news" blogs, many university blogs—particularly those in larger institutions—host a number of subject-specific blogs, maintained by librarians catering to specific departments within the university.

Institution/Public Library Blogs

Blogs written by librarians in public libraries of all sizes, including urban library systems with extensive blog offerings (e.g., New York Public Library) or small branch libraries in suburban and rural areas. Their goal is to inform patrons of the available materials and library events as well as to serve as outreach vehicles for promoting literacy and other causes.

Institution/School Library Blogs

Blogs written by librarians in various school settings (elementary, middle school, and high schools) as a way of connecting with students and promoting library materials. A large number of these blogs include book reviews and reading recommendations for various reading levels.

Institution/Special Library Blogs

Blogs written by librarians in law libraries, news libraries, hospitals, corporations, or special research libraries. They serve to assist the staff of various organizations in their everyday needs as well as to share issues of interest with librarians in similar institutions.