Browse by Focus

After sifting through hundreds of library blogs, we've come to learn that categorizing library blog content is a difficult but not an impossible mission.

As our knowledge of what was available in library blogosphere grew, so did our understanding of the topics at hand, how they related (or didn't relate) to one another, and how any attempt to organize them methodically would be an art more than a science.

In the end, we realized we couldn't "contain" all of the world's library blog content, as its fluidity would defeat such efforts, but we could "tame" it in a way that would make it more discoverable to the blogs' main audience: fellow librarians. This led to the development of broad yet distinct "focus" categories.


Designed to help librarians discover the blog content relevant to them, each "focus" category below contains a list of applicable blogs, grouped together based on common library themes, blogger's own interests and background, writing styles, commonly used phrases, tagging methods, and more.

For example, blogs in the Ebooks & Digital Resources group contain discussions of ebook formats, ebook platforms, subscription models, and DRM (digital rights management), among other topics. Similarly, blogs in the Preservation & Heritage group discuss such topics as preservation, archiving, collections care, and conservation methods.


See Also cross-references point to where various "foci" may overlap or, in most cases, complement others. They help librarians expand their browsing horizons but stay within the parameters of their main interests.

For instance, many blogs that focus on Children's & YA Librarianship & Library Services also focus on K-12 Education. Similarly, librarians interested in reading blogs on Library Administration & Management may also consider blogs on Library Funding; Library Services & Programming; and Library Buildings & Space Planning.

Book Views & Reviews

Blogs written by librarians and/or book professionals passionate about reading and book reviewing.

Cataloging & Classification

Blogs written by experienced catalogers, intended to serve as resources for other catalogers in public and/or academic libraries.

Children's & YA Book Views & Reviews

Blogs by school librarians and/or children's librarians in public libraries who are passionate about reading and evaluating children's literature.

Children's Librarianship & Library Services

Blogs exploring the myriad ways in which librarians bring value to the K-12 institutions they serve.

Collection Development & Reader's Advisory

Blogs focusing on the process of building balanced collections of library materials and/or providing Reader's Advisory tips.

Conference Coverage

Blogs reporting (often live) on the library conference events as they take place.

Ebooks & Digital Resources

Blogs monitoring issues surrounding ebooks and digital resources and their implications for libraries.

Higher Education

Blogs focusing on the challenges of academic libraries and institutions of higher learning in general.

International Librarianship

Blogs covering universal library topics relevant to libraries across cultures and continents.

K-12 Education

Blogs covering K-12 education issues relevant to both private and public schools.

Librarians as Writers

Blogs for librarians seeking writing and publishing opportunities, including contribution to professional literature.

Library Administration & Management

Blogs covering management issues faced by library administrators in general and library directors in particular.

Library Advocacy

Blogs promoting the value of libraries and library services.

Library Buildings & Space Planning

Blogs covering all things library architecture and library facilities.

Library Funding

Blogs for librarians seeking funding and needing information on grant applications and grant deadlines.

Library Instruction

Blogs written by librarians with experience teaching in libraries as well as classrooms.

Library Materials (other than books)

Blogs covering "other" library materials, including government documents, primary sources, rare books, and periodicals.

Library News

Blogs providing general library news coverage across the spectrum.

Library Services & Programming

Blogs about the innovative ways in which librarians develop programs that serve their user's needs.

LIS Education & Literature

Blogs that tackle LIS education from every angle, written by LIS faculty as well as LIS students.


Blogs promoting every type of literacy, including early childhood literacy, teen literacy, family literacy, information literacy, digital literacy, etc.


Blogs aimed at librarians and information professionals who work with multimedia formats.

Organization News, Interests & Events

Blogs providing news of interest to the members of specific library organizations or library associations.

Policy & Legislation

Blogs monitoring legislation and litigation that affects librarians' ability to provide access to information.

Preservation & Archiving

Blogs covering conservation methods and strategies, archiving, digital preservation, and collections care.

Publishing News & Views

Blogs tracking major developments in trade and academic publishing.

Quirky Library Content

Blogs that are character-driven and highly entertaining, cover an array of library topics, and defy categorization.

Reference Librarianship

Blogs that highlight the experiences of librarians at the reference desk and focus on broader implications of reference librarianship.

Special librarianship

Blogs written by and for librarians working in law firms, hospitals, government institutions, and various private research libraries.

Technology & Innovation

Blogs keeping up with new and emerging technologies and their effect on library services.