Browse by Audience

Blogs may contain very general coverage of library topics, of interest to wide audiences, or they may focus on specialized topics of interest to certain groups of librarians. Every blog in the Library Blog Center is assigned an audience type. Below are descriptions of each group.


Librarians as well as information professionals (including publishers and content producers) across the industry spectrum.

Academic Librarians

Academic librarians and, in some cases, producers of content geared to academic and research libraries.

Public Librarians

Librarians in public libraries of all types and sizes, ranging from large urban libraries to small libraries in rural areas.

School Librarians

Librarians in K-12 education settings, both private and public. Note: many blogs by school librarians would be of interest to children's librarians in public libraries, especially those focused on literacy and book recommendations.

Special Librarians

Librarians in law firms, large, medium, and small corporations, hospitals, news rooms, and independent research libraries.

Local Patrons

Local patrons include students and faculty in academic libraries; library users from the local community in public libraries; students, teachers and, in some cases, parents in school libraries; and employees of the organization or institution supported by special libraries.