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Searching library blogs is relatively straightforward.


Inputting any text in the keyword box searches our database of library blogs (nearly 1300 and counting). All fields, including the description of each blog, are searched.


Blog Focus

Select all or any one of the 32 blog "focus" categories. To learn more about each "focus" category, visit the browsing blogs by focus page.

Blog Audience

Select all or any of the library blog audience options, including General, Academic librarians, Public librarians, School librarians, Special librarians, Organization members, or Local patrons. Go to the blog audience page for a detailed description of each audience group.

Blog Type

Limit your search by selecting all or any of the blog types. Note: if an institution or a state association blog type is selected, a new box will appear, allowing you to limit your search further by state. Go to the blog type page for a detailed description of all blog types.

Selecting "All" for all three search fields will generate a listing of all library blogs in our database, organized by blog audience (the middle column).


This browsing blogs by focus area of the site is a starting point for browsing library blogs within each of the 32 "focus" categories. Each "focus" area is described in detail and assigned keywords as well as See Also references.