Search National Grants & Awards


Searching national library grants and awards is relatively straightforward.


Inputting any text in the keyword box searches our database of national grants and awards (but not state or regional grants and awards). All fields, including the description, are searched.


This "browse by purpose area" allows you to indicate to which purpose or use you would like to apply grant funding. There is a long list of purposes so this function lives on its own page.


Type: Selects either grants or awards for searching. (Note that awards are not included in our "Grant Categories" so selecting the type "Awards" disables the Grant Category selection.

Eligibility: This selection either limits the grants and/or awards search results to one (or all) of the following:

  • School Libraries (and librarians) in K-12 settings, both private and public
  • Public Libraries (and librarians) in small, medium, and large institutions
  • Academic, Research and Special Libraries (and librarians) in university, college, and community college settings; special libraries and librarians (including those in museums, various educational institutions, etc.)
  • All searches all grants or awards regardless of eligibility

Grant Category: Here a selection screens for one of our specific grant categories. Detailed descriptions of categories are available. Note that selecting "All" will not filter by any category and so will make any grant or award eligible for search.

Deadline After... This selection menu limits the search results to those grants and/or awards where the current deadline for application is after the chosen date.